About Home of the Heart

AboutAddress, Directions and Logistics for specific Gatherings will be emailed to you upon registration.

Pet Loves:¬† Living with me are: Sadie an older Chocolate lab; Harley a younger sweet pit bull; Felix a big lovable hairy cat; and Kiwi Love, a big blue and gold macaw ~ Yes she is a wild bird and may bite. Give her no fingers. Just talk, sing and whistle to her. ūüôā¬†The Desert Dome is a pet free zone. Pets welcome ONLY with prior discussion & agreement.

Note: Please keep the Home doors closed before dusk and all night to keep the Pet Babes safely inside.

Space for Camping: You may camp among the boulders or nearby the house. Be conscious of cactus pricks, critters, etc. You are also welcome to sleep inside the Desert Dome, the GabeLoca, on the fire stage, the back patio pad, the outdoor bed in the Sand Box, or in the Den.

Restroom: We have an indoor and an outdoor potty. You are welcome to water the desert.

Showers: We have one indoor and three outdoor showers. Please bring a towel and use only biodegradable products.

Desert Critters: Only observe desert critters. Please, do not touch or disturb.

Dining Details: We will be co-creating meals ~ please bring foods to share.

Desert Dome: Please, No Shoes, Food, or Open Beverages in the Desert Dome. Also, please keep all cushy items inside the Desert Dome. Please do not bring blankets, fur, pillows etc to the fire pit or allow items to drag across the desert. They will soon be covered with many cactus pricks and wildflower spikes. Ouch! Instead, bring your older, more rugged blankets, sleeping bags, camp folding chairs, etc for outdoor use.

Shoes: Aside from No Shoes in the Desert Dome, please wear thick-soled shoes at all times. The Desert hosts cactus pricks, critters, etc. It is ok to wear shoes inside my home.

Smoking: Please keep up with your butts. Place in outdoor receptacles or bring your own tin. Thank you.

Photos: Please ask permission & receive a verbal yes before taking photos of participants.

You may wish to bring: Water bottle, head lamp, layered clothing, sleeping bag or blankets, back jack, cushions, hiking shoes, towel, food, wood, musical instruments, etc.

You may also consider bringing the following items for personal or shared use: Coolers, ice, firewood, tent, warm camping gear, desert hiking shoes, cool & warm clothing, sunglasses, floor chairs, towel, utensils, plate, bowl, cup, headlamp, flashlight, lighting, stove, gas, pots, pans, folding tables for food preparation and serving, musical instruments, camera, hula hoops, yoga mat, garbage bags, water, etc.

Please take good care of Your Self and Soncco Wasi Joshua Tree.

~  Home is where you are  ~